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Tylenol, Take Me Away

I have a headache right now, and it won’t go away. I don’t believe it’s anything that will kill me, so that’s good. I don’t have time to die right now. I have lots of things to do and to see. One of the the things I need to see is the office in my rear view mirror. [ba-dum-bum]

I put seventy dollars worth of gas in my car today. And I am actually nervous about it lasting until next week. This weekend we will be keeping any and all road trips to a minimum, I can tell you that. It had literally been years since I’ve had to worry about buying gas. I don’t like to have to worry about it. I can definitely see the appeal of buying one of those very fuel-efficient little micro machines – at one point in time my 22mpg sounded pretty decent to me, for a mini van, but now I want at least twice that. But I’m not in a position to buy a car right at the moment, not when mine is running well, etc. etc.

Sorry, I shouldn’t bitch. There are people dying in cyclones, earthquakes, crane collapses, train accidents and the like. That would be worse than paying $4 a gallon for gas.


2 thoughts on “Tylenol, Take Me Away

  1. $4 a gallon gas. I never thought I’d see the day. I sound 100 years old, but darn it, I remember when gas was less than a buck a gallon. We can only dream. The ol’ Camry sets me back about $80 to fill it.

  2. I got my pedal bike out and working from home as much as I can stand (ie. wife bugging me with round-tuits while I am “working”). Son home from college so he’s 21 so I at least can buy him a beer now. I need a Vespa that can fit my 6’4″ frame or like last night I just ran by foot to my dinner spot (walked back) – 3.2 mi total. You’d be surprised what good shape you would be in walking/running /biking to places. Just dread winter trying to pull this off. Jerry

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