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No Izzy Update

We’re all pretty resigned to the fact that she’s gone, even though Beth mentioned below that she found a hamster a week after it was lost. I’ve received offline feedback that once they get out, you don’t find them until you tear down walls to remodel the bathroom. I have decided to not mention this tidbit to Junior, as he’s still sad about the whole thing. That reminds me, note to self: don’t leave a photo of Izzy up on your computer screen if your son walks up behind you and notices it.

Junior has decided that he would like to replace Izzy with gerbils. From everything I’ve read, they are an excellent choice, don’t need to be cleaned as often (Izzy was a poop and pee machine, I tell you. But she always peed in the same place. We referred to that corner as “the bathroom”.) and they aren’t nocturnal. SOLD. Junior needs pets he can interact with while he’s awake, and I need pets that won’t run on a wheel all night long. Good Lord, her fat ass would make the wheel thump on the floor of the tank and there were many nights someone would have to get up and just pull the damned thing out of the tank.

But she was cute, so that made up for it.

But Beth, based on your comment, we’ll be going through the hamper in great detail this evening.


One thought on “No Izzy Update

  1. Our box turtle is the most low maintenance pet we’ve ever had. You would not believe how sociable he is. he loves to be out of his tank, has been known to fall asleep on me while I am watching tv. The tank needs to be changed out around 4 times a year. And did I mention how friendly he is? He sleeps at night. He also sleeps all winter, though I hear that is not usually the case if they are kept in the house in a warm room.
    Still crossing fingers and toes that Izzy returns though!

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