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Today’s Book Titles

Here is today’s list. You can’t have the first one, that one is mine.

The Adventures of Keychain and Neil
40 Ways to Prepare Cold Cereal
The Rat in the Hat
Helmet Hair: Spending Too Much Time Playing Halo
Even More Ways to Prepare Cold Cereal

p.s. I think I successfully removed the snippet of code that was automatically adding links to key words in the blog to Amazon products. Some of the links were too odd. So from now on, if there’s a link to an Amazon Product in an entry, I added it there myself.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Book Titles

  1. I once wrote a manuscript entitled, “50 Ways To Decorate Your Apartment With Nose Hair”. Never did sell it. I can’t imagine why not.

  2. They were odder, and not always what I would have chosen, and I started to realize that if I didn’t like the links, people might think *I* chose them. That DVD set is actually something I’m going to be buying, because I love crap like that. Suldog, maybe because some of us don’t admit to having nose hair, so it would be of no use to us.

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