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More Christmas, Stat!

Okay, I’m all Christmassed up now. Junior bought two presents to give to his cousins (without any input from us) so we are officially shopping for Christmas, baby! We went to Cataldos on the way home from Burlington (Mr. Dump needed to go to the Apple Store for work purposes. Really.) And boy howdy if that doesn’t make you feel Christmassy, nothing will. They are already selling trees so we got our first “whiff of the holidays”.

I think it’s time to have the annual viewing of Little Women.

And you?


2 thoughts on “More Christmas, Stat!

  1. I brought my Christmas wrapping paper and cards up from the basement, as I do all my shopping for the next year right after the holiday to get the 50% off. Right after T-day, I am springing into action.

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