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I Did It and I’m Sorry

But I’ll probably do it again. Last night, I, um. Well, rip it off like a bandaid, right? Last night I listened to a Christmas song on 103.3.

There. I said it. I’m sorry.

I learned from Universal Hub that they had stated their 24/7 Christmas music thing the other day, and I held off over 24 hours. But I gave in to the dark side on the drive home last night. Two songs, and one of them was “Do They Know It’s Christmas” which, let’s be frank, is more of an 80’s “Where are they now” game than a Christmas Carol.

I changed it back to WBCN after that, but I think the damage was done, because when I got home I ripped the cellophane off Josh Groban’s “Noel” and ripped it to iTunes. I assume I’m going to give it a look-see at work today.

So Happy Holidays, everyone!


11 thoughts on “I Did It and I’m Sorry

  1. Well, I have a bunch of Dickens and New England village houses (I’m not a completist, I just buy the ones I like) but I have decided I want to have a little North Pole village. I only have one building though – the Lego factory. (I LOVE it!)

    Now I’m just depressed thinking of all the years I saw really cool North Pole houses but didn’t buy them because I was trying to only buy from one collection. One of those buildings was listed for over 400 dollars on a site I was just on. *sigh*

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