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You Really Need a Laptop and a Wireless Router

I’m sitting out on my deck, drinking a Coffee Coolatta, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon. Well, okay, I can think of a couple of better ways, but those cost money and involve being inside a mall. The breeze is what is making this a great afternoon to sit out on the deck. I highly recommend you run out and get the things mentioned in the subject of this post, and then you can write to me to tell me how great it is at your house!

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to make you feel bad.


5 thoughts on “You Really Need a Laptop and a Wireless Router

  1. I spent a good part of the day digging up roughly half the front lawn so I could put down new top soil and grass seed so that I can enjoy watching the grass all turn brown and die and be replaced by evil weeds from the Andromeda Galaxy, just like every year. The one plus side: The kidlet decided it would be fun to help out and so I put her to work digging up and raking dirt and pointing out the orange roots that were just everywhere and which were clearly the spawn of Satan.

    And then we went to our local Mount Trashmore (a park built atop an old landfill) and flew a kite. Good times.

  2. Sure was a perfect weekend, we got just a few drops of rain.. not enough to wet things down.

    Home Despot today was a zoo, took a day off but didn’t plan on taking a half hour to return something. This weekend I did see a time when there was less than 10 open spots in the parking lot so I skipped going until today. Wasn’t much better. Can’t wait for Lowe’s.

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