5 thoughts on “So Target has Special Red Peeps That Attract a Certain Type of, Well,Fan

  1. Angry Red Peeps… sounds scary. You can’t have red peeps… doesn’t that break some rule or something? I mean, maybe for halloween…

  2. I love Peeps. And the Peeps commercial where they all sing and dance? Priceless. However, red Peeps just seem wrong. Even if the dinosaur is pimping them.

  3. That’s not pimping, that’s attacking and eating!

    I don’t like Peeps. As usual, I have one, just to make sure, and then I toss the rest. We bought them just to take photos. There’s a whole Peeps group on Flickr.

  4. I picked up the red peeps at Target and pushed them around in the carriage for a while. I ended up putting them back though because I was already spending way too much money on other crap I REALLY needed (note sarcasm). Have you ever noticed how Target has a lot of weird stuff you’ll never see in other stores in their food section?

    And after all that, I forgot to get a Pepsi icee on my way out the door. I guess I’ll have to make another trip – maybe this time I will get the red peeps.

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