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Last Day of Winter

By the way, the groundhog was full of groundhog doo this year. Early spring my shiney hiney. (Is that worse than saying “my ass”? I was trying to keep my Y7 to PG rating. You know, in case Junior decides to see if I’m talking about him.)

Don’t forget to get your free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts on Wednesday. Not all locations will participate, as it’s up to the franchisee I suppose, so check before you order. Mr. Dump is plotting out the route he’s going to take to make sure he can hit as many locations as humanly possible. But don’t worry, he will be ordering decafs. But that many decafs probably equals at least one real cup of coffee, right?

The last of the snow slid off the roof of my van this morning, so I’m ready for spring.


6 thoughts on “Last Day of Winter

  1. I hope the stupid groundhog is stuck in his den, all the entrances buried under 8 inches of snow, until May.

    And I think Jr would be drawn to any word you used to represent, well, you know….

  2. A phrase like “shiney hiney” is more likely to make me giggle than the phrase “my ass.” But I still think it keeps you in PG land. But then, I am one to wantonly use words like “dam” šŸ™‚

  3. Chuck, OMG, I’m so so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your blog, what with you being Mr. Antibiotic and the passing of your dad…sheesh, what kind of e-friend am I? And you’re right, as soon as I saw robins I thought “Spring is officially here!”

    Foo – that’s soooo funny. I forgot I posted about that. Heeee! Oh, so here you go: shiney hiney.

  4. I’m hitting Dunkin’s FER SHER. Can’t beat free!

    And re: your last post: My husband loves the snack bar at Tar-get. I have given up Starbucks for Lent, so I try to stay out of that area of the store. But I will pass on the good news about the Icees.

  5. That’s okay Jody. Thanks for the sentiments. (And of course, for your shiney hiney.) šŸ˜‰

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