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When You Have 2 Hours to Think

I had the really pleasant “2 hours to drive what normally takes 40 minutes” commute this morning. People, if you can’t drive in the snow, stay home and let the rest of us get to work. Of course, I have four new tires on my van, so I’m feeling a little better about driving in bad weather. Nothing like fresh treads to take your mind of hydroplaning. Not that I’m a risky driver; I most certainly am not. But there was nothing out on 117 today that should have caused it to back up the way it did. Someone is to blame, and when I find that person, I am going to give him/her SUCH an Indian burn!

Oh wait, is it politically incorrect to call it an Indian burn? I’m sorry. I meant no disrespect. Do tell, dear readers…what is the politically correct way to refer to an Indian burn?

So while I was stuck in the car for two hours, I had some kind of great idea for what to talk about today, but somehow I forgot what it was. I could make something up, but it wouldn’t be the great thing that I thought of. You know, the great thing that would catapult me to the top of the personal website heap. Make ME blogging queen 2007. But I can’t remember what it was. So I continue to flounder in obscurity. In 11 years of doing this, can’t I be the queen at least once?

Other ordinary stuff:
Video Game Review: Sonic and the something something for Wii: I haven’t played the game-game (sorry!) but I have played the really great bunch of party games a la Mario Party. In fact, I like them better than Mario Party 7. I’ve heard Mario Party 8 (due out soon?) isn’t what it could be. So A- for Sonic’s party games, or what I’ve seen of it so far. [Note: If you buy this at Target it comes with an exclusive DVD with a Sonic Comic book on it. We took a look and it’s not worth buying just for that, unless the Target price is lower than wherever else you shop.]

Music: John Mayer Continuum A. I love it. Mr. Dump loves it. What more do you need?


7 thoughts on “When You Have 2 Hours to Think

  1. Tell me about it. The only thing worse than the traffic the day after school vacation is the traffic the day after school vacation in the snow.

    117 was backed up all the way back to the Lancaster Middle School when I got that far. At least I was able to break off and wind my way through Clinton, etc. on the way to Marlboro.

  2. I should have gone that way. Why didn’t I go that way? I’m an idiot!

    It wasn’t quite to the middle school when I was there, but closer to the RR tracks. I never know when I should make the decision to go, what I refer to as, the long way.

  3. My husband called me from the road and told me to stay home — it took him two hours to get to Metro West from Leominster. I worked at home from 8:30-10:30 and then breezed right in. People are really stupid when there’s any type of precip on the ground.

  4. Oh, a politically correct way to say ‘Indian burn’? Oh, that’s easy. It’s Chinese Arm Torture.

  5. I hate wasting time in the car. I used to work in Marlboro/Maynard area and after a few 3 hours treks to Leominster in the snow, I got boss to move me to Westford. At least now I can hike it on 2A/rt110 as a backup.
    This morning people were still going too fast & too close in left lane. I was watching the accordion of red tail lights in the left lane while I was in the right, I slowed down anyway, good thing since a few people decided to cut to the right and not even look. Really getting sick of the idiots.. I think I am going to outfit my car to look like madmax.. Jerry

  6. Heh…I must have been behind Lance on his way through Lancaster and right on into Marlboro, that’s right where the backup on 117 was when I got there….I’m glad I opted for the scenic route – granted it may be a little longer but it’s better than just sitting in traffic

  7. Okay, so Lance, Jerry, Christine and Nicholle (where have YOU been!) are all smarter than me.

    And Rhea, I laughed out loud.

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