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I Remembered!

I remembered what I was going to write about! I should probably save this for a novel or short story, but don’t you think you have earned a special posting? I think you have. All 3 of you who read this site regularly.

Sunday night there were a lot of odd conversations. VERY odd. We had my niece and nephew over for a while, and then when my sister came to get them, we all went to TGI Fridays. So here are the things that occurred after we got the kids in the van:

1. I became an eastern European tour bus guide. I pointed out helpful things along the lines of “In front of you is road. Behind is road.” I pointed out the rubbish barrels on the side of the road. I told them that if at any point they noticed the bus driver missing, they should “Press ding button”. They seemed greatly amused by the whole drive.

2. There were two shows on the TVs in the TGIF bar – on one was a car race. On the other, I don’t know because I could only see TVs with the car race. I pointed out that race car drivers probably wore diapers. There was some discussion about “pit stop” means something different in non-racing circles. We call it a pit stop when we want a potty break. Mr. Dump pointed out that race car drivers don’t exit the car during the race.

3. Whatever was on the other television involved bees. I asked what it was about and Mr. Dump said it was a story about how they are training bees to sniff out drugs. We envisioned a world where they would release swarms of bees in airports to look for drugs. I thought maybe they meant farms where they were growing pot. We wondered if it would be helpful to attach little cameras to the backs of the bees. Then Mr. Dump admitted he made the whole thing up. I still think you’d get a lot more people admitting they had drugs on them if swarms of bees were circling their heads.

4. Nah, I’m saving this one for the re-write of the nano-novel. I have to have SOMETHING to replace all the crappy stuff I have to remove.


4 thoughts on “I Remembered!

  1. 1. You could be a MART driver too. they drive there is no one else on the road (cutting people off). How about Fung-Wa – fast and cheap, if you get there in one piece at all !
    2. I thought that little can they used to hold at the back of the car during the pitstop was for that ? It’s right behind the gas guy. Or they could dump it on the track getting the other guys to spin out..
    3. They could put a hive in the bathrooms at LHS to stop the pot smoking.
    4. Oh darn…

    ps – New roof at LHS already leaks on to the stage.. I wonder what is going on ?

  2. 1 No, I’m not the driver, I’m Julie McCoy the cruise director. I read on a blog that some guy was thinking of painting Feng Wa on the side of his car so people would give him room.
    2. I have no idea. The closest I’ve come to watching a race is the cartoon “Cars”.
    3. See! It could work.
    4. Sorry!

    Beth – I think it depends who is in an odd mood. In this case, we all were.

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