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I Did NOT Make Shoo Fly Pie

I don’t even know what Shoo Fly Pie is. I think it’s molasses-based super sweet pie. Just the kind of thing that gives dentists the heebie-jeebies.

Our house is infested with what I call “banana bugs”. They got in the house via banana, and found an onion that was on the counter behind something else, so we didn’t see it right away. I guess it was pretty bad when Mr. Dump found it. By then the gnats were making themselves comfortable whenever and wherever they liked. So we’ve been doing extra scrubbing, doing dishes immediately, putting all fruit and veggies in the fridge or the microwave, throwing the rubbish out right away, rinsing out our empties so well you could eat off them. Still, the buggers are in the house, driving us crazy.

Mr. Dump went to Shaw’s last night to get the minimal groceries we need for the next few days, when he passed through the produce section and saw there were fruit flies EVERYWHERE. So the store is infested, which is how our house got infested. He ran to customer service and reamed them out and the woman casually mentioned he was the FOURTH person to complain. Oh, and all the fly strips and all those types of bug-catching devices? The shelves are BARE. So we aren’t the only people in Leominster breeding bugs. Thanks, Shaws! I hope you straighten things out before someone gets the board of health involved!

Oh, and here’s the method we’re going to use to get rid of the buggers. Apparently they are stupid, which is why this works.


  1. Get 1 empty 2-litre plastic bottle.
  2. Remove the cap
  3. Mark the bottle about an inch below where the curvy part stops and the straight side of the bottle starts.
  4. Cut the bottle where you marked, at the the straight part
  5. Put an inch or so of one (or more) of the following into the base of the bottle: Vinegar, Apple Cider, Wine, Orange Juice.
  6. Turn the other piece, the top piece, of the bottle upside down, so the spout is pointing into the base of the bottle and jam it in
  7. Use tape (duct, masking) to seal up where the two pieces meet.

Voila, jar of dead bugs! We hear it works pretty quickly to trap them, although they may not die immediately. You can replace the liquid if it gets too gross.


4 thoughts on “I Did NOT Make Shoo Fly Pie

  1. Sorry to hear about your infestation. We get these small gnat things in the summer time, seems there is no bug spray that kills them for more than 48 hours and they come back.

    You might need a professional guy to spray our house. We pay a flat rate per year to kill anything we don’t want in or around the house from Bains.

    Good Luck – Jerry

  2. From Christine, who apparently can’t sign into Blogger:

    I really don’t like our Shaw’s. Another reason to dislike them. That’s seriously gross.

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