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Got Your French Toast Supplies?

Storm’s a ‘comin! Did you run out and get milk-eggs-bread yet? Cause you know it’s a law that you have to. We need to go grocery shopping for realsies, and now I dread it. You crazy french toast making people…you’d better leave some bread and milk behind for those of us who actually have none left. I will not be buying in anticipation of 6 inches of snow (the current prediction). I’ve been living in New England for 42 years. Funny thing about snow storms. Outside of the beast like New York State had last week, snow ends, the roads get plowed and sanded, and voila, you can leave your house.

I actually have four or five whole cans of soup at my house, that in an emergency, I could probably survive off of those. Or a boxes of Near East Rice Pilaf, or the massive pasta stores we are required to keep on hand thanks to Junior’s pasta addiction. I think I have a way to go before I start eyeballing the dog food.

By the way, I know in the distant past I covered Mr. Fussy’s eating habits. Updating you on those, did you know that he now actually orders steak, shrimp or grilled chicken instead of pasta? Did you know that? He has eaten pot roast (Oh, hey, you know, maybe that’s what we need to get for the snow day…) and roast chicken and ham and bacon. For any of you with fussy eaters (and I mean, he ate pasta with red sauce for lunch and dinner every day for a couple of years) there is hope. They do add items to the menu! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


2 thoughts on “Got Your French Toast Supplies?

  1. I have a food stash all the time, generally the wife rebuys things 2-3 times over and forgets what we have. Guess you call it an auto-stash.

    The plow guys were running around town last nite with plows on ! Guess they are just practicing or something. Why would you put a plow on 48 hours ahead of time ? Must be a Macho thing.. go to the bar and compare blades or something.

    I was a fussy eater until I went to college and ran out of money. Stealing ketchup out of the dorm frig to make tomato soup did me in. My father was laid off for extended period of time. I survived.

    My kids are fussy eaters. They have a tough time with my wife’s country cooking. She was raised on farm and cooks simple stuff. Now we at least put some potatoes in with the ketchup soup ! Jerry

  2. Hey – at least Jr ate his pasta with tomato sauce. Mine still prefer butter. The older two will have tomato sauce on occasion but the youngest won’t touch it.

    Heck, my middle son will only drink water and vanilla milkshakes. And my parents thought I was fussy! I will say the boys are getting a little more adventurous as they grow up, once they hit 9-10 they seem to want to try more.

    We flew in last night, just in time for the storm. Had a great time in Florida, but I learned there are worse things than turning 40. Like, say, getting the stomach flu at Disney World. Happy Birthday!

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