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So, Then, Hello Summer!

The 50 degree days are behind us now, and this week looks lovely. Even if it were raining and snowing and windy and hot and humid, it would be a lovely week in the eyes of a certain seven-year-old who has his last day of first grade on Thursday. Ugh. I own a second grader. I won’t get into the whole weepy “where is my baby!” rant that you all know I can do so well. He’s grown so much in the past year, physically and mentally. I just can’t say enough nice things about him, but hey, you’ll dismiss that as a mom’s ravings.

Last Friday he came with me to my Aunt’s wake, and he was a perfect gentleman. Shook hands with all the new people he met, answered their questions, and didn’t whine too much when we stayed there until 7pm. He was rewarded with a trip to UNO’s for pasta. Today he got his certificate and medal for reading over 120 books (at home) this school year, which grandma and grandpa were able to attend in my place. I was happy to hear that a lot of the kids reached this goal. I love knowing that there are a lot of little readers out there.

So tonight is the next to the last baseball game of the season. I love that he plays, but it is just too hard for me to be involved as an assistant coach – not when I work out of town. I am looking forward the being done the last game, which is too bad, because it is fun. We’ll just keep the gloves in the car and play whenever we get a chance.

Okay, enough of that, then. Anybody got some pie they could share?

p.s. If you can help the Stratton Players in their quest to find 2 size-42 bowling shirts, can you drop me an email? They need them for a play they’re producing this summer.