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Deer, Can You Pick Up Some Milk On Your Way Home?

So the big news around here is that there was that a young deer somehow ended up in a convenience store in downtown Fitchburg. This is a fairy urban area, as downtowns go. I know there are areas of trees up the street some, but I don’t know how big they are or how dense it is. Does it qualify as “woods”? The parts of the city immediately surrounding downtown are more residential. Maybe there are woods up behind the old high school. (Sally, are you checking in? You work down there at the Art Museum, what’s the general consensus on where he came from? Out by Burbank Hospital?)

Mom Deer: Fluffy, I need to you run an errand for me.

Fluffy: Aw mom! I don’t wanna!

Mom Deer: Fluffy, no back talk! Now you run to the convenience store and get me a pack of Pall Malls and some 2% milk. This instant!

All things being equal, I’d rather have a deer in a convenience store than an alligator in the pond behind a Pontiac dealership, like they did in Auburn.