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To-Do Volume Two

I know a lot of you who follow me on Twitter or FB know that last Saturday’s to-do list was a bust. Very hard to accomplish anything at all. The Gods were against me, I tell you. So do I need to decide: do I work from a to-do list this weekend or not? And […]


Today’s Book Titles

Here is today’s list. You can’t have the first one, that one is mine. The Adventures of Keychain and Neil40 Ways to Prepare Cold CerealThe Rat in the HatHelmet Hair: Spending Too Much Time Playing HaloEven More Ways to Prepare Cold Cereal p.s. I think I successfully removed the snippet of code that was automatically […]


Things I’m Probably Not Going to Get From Santa

I think there are a few things that I am not going to get from Santa that I see people getting all time time in television commercials. I like television commercials because they really do tell me how much my life stinks, and how very much improved my life could be if I would just […]