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10 Years Ago in BigDumpTruck History

You know, I was all excited about dipping in to the archives to pull out some quotes from 10 years ago, but 10 years ago the Dump was sort of in transition and half the content was hand-edited and some but not all was on blogger, and the end result is that a lot of […]


Past the Halfway Point

Last night I passed the 25k mark. Now I only have to hit 50k before the clock strikes midnight and November turns into December. I think maybe I can do it. I had a really good rush of pointless prose last night, so that’s nice. Mike Lowell is staying in Boston, so you’ll have to […]


First Person Narrative

Junior has to write an essay over the weekend. His first big-boy homework! The subject is “My First ____”. They had to brainstorm ideas for a topic, then they had to fill in a sheet that basically was a way of drafting the essay. He was actually pretty far along with it already, so I […]


Causing a Fumble

It’s Sunday in New England, so you either go to a fair, go apple picking, or go to a football game. We chose the last option (although we passed about a billion people at Bolton Orchards. There were so many people there (I assume because they had the hot donuts sign out front – the […]


Over the Top Reaction of the Day

You know, I try to keep things light here. I’m not in this to get a reputation as a bully or a bulldog or a bull-ony. But I read an article in the Sentinel today that absolutely made me furious. Enough so that I feel I should send a letter to the paper in response. […]


A Hittable Pitch? PSYCH!

Way to go, Buchholz. We’ll try to give you a little room, and not be too harsh if you falter a bit in your next start, but we are looking forward to VERY GOOD THINGS from you. Okay? I’ll even forgive you for being called up so that there was no chance I would see […]


Me and My Wide Stance

Senator Craig says he has a wide stance, and that’s why when he sits on the toilet in a men’s room, his foot goes all the way under the door and touches the foot of the person sitting next to him. I have to tell you, I tried to do this at work (the other […]


Li’l Herb Alpert Junior

I’m scared. Really scared. Today, Junior takes his first trumpet lesson. Are you listening? Trumpet. Meaning he has to practice. In my house. Flash back a billion years ago to the year 1976. Little Jody B went to a presentation by the music teacher about all the different band instruments available to the kids at […]


This Is Not Me

Okay, I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you. What you see below you is what happened when Mr. Dump showed the 16 year old, AKA JPDLF his new Wacom Tablet. JPDLF asked if he could try it out. He was left alone for a very short while. Did I mention the first […]