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A Mini Space Movie by M & M

My son had a sleepover here last night and all he got me was a short video movie he made with his friend. The file is stored over at flickr (they do video now too) and I think MAYBE you can download this one to watch on your iPod. I’m not sure if it will let everyone, or just me because it’s in my account. Actually, can someone let me know? If you can’t, I can try to upload the M4V version here with a link. Because I know you want to watch this daily on your iPod or iPhone. I know I do.


A Mini Space Movie by M & M

My son had a sleepover here last night and all he got me was a short video movie he made with his friend. The file is stored over at flickr (they do video now too) and I think MAYBE you can download this one to watch on your iPod. I’m not sure if it will let everyone, or just me because it’s in my account. Actually, can someone let me know? If you can’t, I can try to upload the M4V version here with a link. Because I know you want to watch this daily on your iPod or iPhone. I know I do.


Football Score? No, Baseball, Actually

Junior, who was selected to play on one of the Jimmy Fund 10 Year old teams from North Leominster played against one of the Leominster American teams last night. Final score? 28-4. It was a horrible, crushing win. At the top of the 6th the score was 28-0. The parents on both teams were completely subdued – even our kids noticed that their parents were no longer cheering for them. We all just wanted the whole thing to be over. Hey, we’ve been there at a game where our kids were stepped on like that. What I don’t get is why the don’t FORCE a mercy rule (if you’re up by more than 10 runs after the 4th, the game is considered complete) or an inning run limit (normal season is 4 runs except for the 6th [final] inning). I thought I read on the District tournament site that there was a 5 fun limit. I guess that before the game the managers of the two teams playing get to decide if they want to enforce the limit and the mercy rule, and both managers agreed to play without one.

By the fifth inning, several of us were wondering if we should offer them a second chance to call the game, as their players just seemed so horribly sad and crushed, and as parents, we just didn’t want to continue to torture them.

You know it’s bad when we all started to applaud them whenever they got an out, just because we were happy for them. Totally involuntary reaction at that point.

So yes, we were very excited for the win, but nobody wants to see that kind of blowout, unless it’s the Red Sox against the Yankees.


The Champions

Yes, yes indeed, gas hit a new high today. Thank you CNN. Did you not hear what I said yesterday? Am I just whistling into the wind over here? Sheesh, it’s like a girl can’t change the world just by writing about it and posting it to her website. I have 60-100 hits a day, are you telling me that one of those is NOT CNN? AP? The Leominster Champion? Sheesh.
Speaking of the Leominster Champion and champions in general, Junior’s minor league team, Piper Electric, won the playoffs (North Leominster Little League) on Saturday, so their team will get to go to the cities in August. He’s been playing baseball in that league for 5 or 6 years now (I keep losing count) and this is the first time his team has been this good. It was a really great group of kids who were a pleasure to watch. The team we beat, Valliere’s, was a worthy opponent and my personal choice for the team to win if we couldn’t.
I took a team photo after the game and gave copies to the three coaches. The sister of one of the coaches also took pictures that afternoon, and there’s a 50/50 chance that the one I gave them will make the paper. I don’t know which paper, but I’ll let you know if it does.
p.s. This is kind of a test for people who actually read all the way to the end of one of my posts. I recently signed on with FaceBook. I don’t really want to post my info out there for the universe to find, because I do like some level of privacy. If folks who also have a website “advertise” that they are on Facebook, how do you do it? Did you create a separate account for your website readers? Or did you find that people don’t necessarily friend you even when you make the info readily available?p.p.s. At least one person from my blogroll sent me a note saying that she’s in Facebook, but apparently she’s got a hidden profile because I cannot find her to add her.


We’re Number 2!

Junior’s Little League team finished the regular season in 2nd place. They had a bye the first round, which is cool, so we didn’t have any games yesterday. This morning there was a [very very damp] practice, and their first playoff game will be Tuesday. Because of the strict pitching rules in Little League being twice as strict during playoff games, they let Junior practice pitching this morning on the off chance that they run out of the regular pitchers and have to start plucking people out of the lineup to finish the game. He’s thrilled, but I’m thinking that it would not be a good thing if he had to pitch, simply because he’s never done it before, and having the pressure of trying to pitch well in a playoff game…well, I’d just rather we not have to dip into that pool without more practice.

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Enjoy all the dad-activities you have planned, even if the plan is to not have any activities.


I Want A Mom Badge

I suppose someone has already come up with the idea of mom badges. They would work like girl scout badges – if you do something worthy, you get a badge to wear on your mom-sash. Or perhaps your mom-vest if you’ve earned a lot of them.

I get to wear the “Dying in the Heat Watching Little League Games badge.”

Junior played on Sunday (he had to be at the field at 1:30pm for a batting practice before the game) and on Monday night. Even though it started later, so you’d maybe assume it would be cooler, Monday was definitely the worst of the two games, because at least on Sunday there was a breeze. Man, what a difference a breeze makes! I was seriously starting to feel a bit panicky last night about how overheated I was getting. I was pulling the ice packs out of the little cooler I had and was applying it to my neck and wrists, just to keep things cool.

So I grant myself a mom badge today (it’s lovely, it’s got bleachers with those wavy heat lines coming off of them with a background picture of a baseball.) Anyone else earn one the past few days?


Manny and Papi

Just in time for Big Papi to go on the DL for a month or two, Junior decided to name the little boys Manny and Papi. Or Manny and David, which sounds funnier to me. To keep the “Z” thing going (Izzy, Suzy) I may call the little guys by their last names. I think it’s nice to have a theme.

Speaking of Junior, yesterday he told me that at school he read my blog about the pudding skin. Do you know what this means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? I’ve been writing this darned thing for so long that my kid is now a reader? Holy cow, that freaked me out. Now I have to make sure I remember that my 10 year old might decide to pull up my site at school and share with his teacher and friends (*waves to his teacher and friends*)

Now I’ll get in trouble if I talk about him. Well, I’ve always tried to be nice, I’ll just have to be nicer now.

As if that’s even possible.

Yours truly,
Miss Mary Sunshine


Product That Probably Won’t Sell

I like Junior – he’s a funny kid. I don’t know what I’d do if I was stuck with a kid who didn’t have a good sense of humor. And by good, I mean one that amuses me, personally.

This may not translate as well as I’d like, because it was part of a larger conversation, and you have to know about the kinds of snacks that parents buy for their kids these days. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Fruit Roll-ups or Froot-by-the-Foot this is going to whoosh past you, granny.

I admitted publicly that I like pudding skin. Mr. Dump started to propose a method of exposing as many sides of the pudding as possible so that you could get a LOT of pudding skin out of one cup of pudding. And then Junior suggested Pudding Skin by the Foot. Well, that did it for me. The concept of a long strip of pudding skin that you unfold to eat brought me to tears.

But looking back, I don’t think I’d buy it. Because part of the beauty of the whole fruit roll-up product is that it doesn’t require refrigeration. If you leave pudding skin out, you’ll really have pudding jerky, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that.


Selling Candy the Jody Way

Junior [okay, really, me] is responsible for selling a box of candy bars for Little League. So I brought the box into work, because really, how many candy bars have I bought over the years?

Every day I put a new sign on the box, showing off my mad sales skillz. For two days I touted them has “health bars” [mental health, silly!] and Jon Lester’s Secret Weapon. Today, I posted the following sign. I’ll let you know which was the most effective.

gnome infestation


Hampton in May = popcicle toes

Hampton in May, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

The thing about living in New England is that you’re never really that far from the ocean. And if you’ve had to run an errand to the Apple Store in Salem NH, you’re REALLY not that far from the ocean. So we took a detour out to Hampton Beach. It was fairly bustling, considering it’s still the middle of May. There were plenty of people sitting on the beach, some in bathing suits, even though it wasn’t all that warm. Perhaps they were visiting from Antarctica and considered it to be blistering hot?

We intended to park at the Hampton State Park and walk on the rocks, but apparently there was some kind of mega tow truck show or something. These are the tow trucks that you see pulling fire engines and dumptrucks, the kind that make you really wonder what kind of gas mileage they get. Anyhoo, they filled the ENTIRE parking lot, so we had to go down to the lots near the bathrooms and stuff.

At North beach there were a TON of people surfing. Not that there was anything too special about the waves, but it’s been kind of crappy so I think people where just happy to get the heck out of the house.

I know I was!