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Archives, We’ve Got Archives

[Editor: Found the list. Whew!]

I was pawing through the old Dump archives just now, because I was looking for my old blogroll list. I know I kept a copy of it before I deleted the code off my website, because sometimes I’m smarter than I look. Except I can’t find it so I don’t know that I do actually have a copy. In which case I am a huge moron.

Junior was sitting with me, and he wanted to know if I had anything written about him from back when he was born. There isn’t a lot in the main dump, and that’s likely because a)having a baby sucks up all your energy, man. And b) I had created a web page just for him, but I can’t find any trace of it anywhere. So sad to lose your history like that. And I know I’ve already written here about not being able to find the page, but that’s just something we’ll all have to live with. My obsessive-compulsive hoarding disorder (not formally diagnosed, but sometimes you can read about something and there is NO WAY you don’t have it) means that I will freak about losing web pages FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

It’s so fun to be me.

He had this to say to me after reading a post about his first trip to the playground: “That’s why I like water slides. It mixes slides and swimming.”

Okay, well, now I have to try to figure out what I did with the list of sites that were on my blogroll. This does chap my hide. And my lips.