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Month: June, 2010

Training to Be a Rock Star

I bought a ukulele last week because I was thinking it’s about time I become a rock star. I know that a lot of go for rock stardom when they are a bit younger, but I don’t think that will be a negative for me. I can handled just about anything my many many fans want to throw my way, including signing my names on their pecs.  They’re going to ask me to do that, right? I bought a Sharpie and everything. It’s blue, I hope that’s okay.

Next thing for me is to learn to play the ukulele. I’m going to really rock out on this thing once I figure out how to tune it. And play it. I should hire a manager to work on booking me at all the large colosseams  while I practice my chords. This is gonna be GREAT!


Red and Yellow In Hollis

I stopped to buy some strawberries at Lull Farm in Hollis NH. I had been driving around looking for something interesting to photograph, and wasn’t having much luck, so the strawberries were my “cheer up” treat. I am glad I grabbed my camera out of the car, because not only do I have some “just picked” berries, I have a couple of pretty cool photos.

Red and Yellow


Photo – Verbena

Sometimes, you have to make your own sunshine. Or just fake yourself out by zooming in on something sun-colored.

Verbena With Dew


Photo: Bike and Shadows

Some days, you just take photos you really like. Today was one of those days.

bike and shadow



Playing with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. I kind of lost the energy to take and process photos, but I’m trying to be better. To get myself “excited” about the process I bought the app and will try to take enough photos that I find some to upload to the flickr feed on a more regular basis. I will say the idea of no processing (outside of what the app does) is appealing to my lazy self. Plus the instant gratification of uploading to flickr right from the iPhone if I get something I like.

This is the new background on my phone.
Gerani-omes (Hipstamatic)