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Month: May, 2009

My Eye Twitch Prevents Me From Looking Fabulous

I bought a scarf at Target. I mean, Cole Haan. Right, that’s what I meant. So anyway, I like my Ta…Cole Hahn scarf because it makes me look all artsy and stuff. I think if you saw me you would say “there goes a gal who has song in her heart and half a book […]


Merchandise To Be For Sale

I had a huge brainstorm today. I was trying to write tweets that would make it onto this new website and I came up with one that I loved so much I thought it would look really good on things for sale. So I put it up on the website as a tagline, threw […]



My friend Pia used to get candy sent to her from her family in Norway. And if I was a good girl, she would share it with me. I grew to love one candy in particular, Nidar Laban Seigmenn. These are little people-shaped gummy candies, the best gummy candy I’ve ever had. They rule. And […]


Saint Jody Day

Some very good friends of mine declared today to be Saint Jody Day. (Back when I was still married, it was my wedding anniversary. This was a way to celebrate the day without focusing on not being married any more. Perfect!) Who am I to argue? I thought I should pass along info about the […]


The Shoe Thing

I have an issue with my currently available shoe selection. I put on navy blue pants this morning and came to the awful conclusion that I own no shoes to wear with navy blue pants. Someone has to fix that situation. I assume that someone is me. Unless one of you is a shoe designer […]


Thanks, Dom DeLuise

Our family loved Dom DeLuise. I remember watching Dom’s movies with my family when I was young – especially the Burt and Dom movies. We loved watching Dom crack up in the outtakes. I remember when Mr. Dump and I spent a weekend in Manchester, Vermont, and the desk clerk at our hotel told us […]


Wonder Woman Lives Here

And she doesn’t even have a cape! Wait, does Wonder Woman wear a cape? (“No capes, dahling“) I entered the danger zone this morning. Lowes. Oh man oh man, it’s so unfair that they have so much stuff that I need. Er, want. I went to get some Scott’s Step 2 for the lawn. I […]