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Month: March, 2008

Attack of the Gnomes

Longtime fans of the Big DumpTruck know that I have odd obsessions. Some come and some go. Some appear to come and go because I don’t talk about them as much as I used to. Michael “Lord of the Dance” Flatley, ice cream trucks, and Adam West come to mind (because I used to do […]


My New Favorite Candy

I’m kind of a freak. I’m over forty and I love Nerds candy. Basically crunchy sugar nuggets, they make me happy. The other day we were in Rite Aid and found a bag of candy that I had to buy just on principle. Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans And I loved them. LOVED THEM. But because […]


I want my tax refund, can I have it?

We filed our taxes about a million years ago. Or maybe it was a week ago. Anyway, we are due for a refund and I would really like for them to pay me because I have some bills that aren’t going to pay themselves, doncha know! Plus Mr. Dump’s vehicle was making a $386 noise. […]


American Idol is Draining My Lifeforce

I’m tired of American Idol. Can we just give the prize to David Archuleta and be done with the horrible pain of listening to most of the other competitors? Please? I’m begging you. I like a couple of the guys (David A. and Jason) so I watch on Tuesdays but the girls get NONE OF […]