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We Have a Winner!

I had this ding confirmed, but yes, ding #4 in the windshield happened at about 2pm today. Unbefreakingleavable. Again, on 495, and I wasn’t even trying! (No, really, I’m not happy about this.)

So while I thought I was being funny by having the contest, I had no idea It would end so soon.

So looking at the only three entries of Dec 29, Jan 4 and March 15. Today is Dec 31, so the winner, guessing Dec 29th, is T.O.M. I will choose an appropriately awesome prize for T.O.M. I’m sure she’s looking forward to receiving it!

Oh, and I’m not going to have a pool for crack #5. I’m hoping that will prevent it from happening any time soon.

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Tony vs. Paul

The greatest video I have ever seen…possibly even better than the OK Go video with the treadmills. Okay, maybe they are tied. Local (Fitchburg) boy Tony Fiandaca and his college buddy Paul Cummings make video magic…literally. I cannot stop watching this video.

And now, Junior wants to use the little Aiptek video camera Santa brought to make a cool movie. I don’t think he’d want to put 2 months of effort into it, though.

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The Windshield Pool

[12/31 Update: We have a winner!]

Okay, today I got spider crack number three in the old windshield. Route 495 hasn’t been very good to me, I have to say. So there are two together up near the top, and this new one is about 2/3 of the way down, over toward the passenger side.

I do not have great hope of the windshield lasting like this forever, so we will start a pool. The options available in the pool are
a) The windshield will implode on [date]
b) You will get a 4th crack on [date]

If B causes A, we all win!

You can enter your guess in the comments. The person closest to the actual date something happens will win a fabulous prize of my choosing. And I also choose how to define “fabulous”. It’s free for all to enter, so have at it!

[Edited: Unless you read here regularly, you may want to provide your email address with your guess so I can reach you if you win…]

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Deal or No Deal

Among the other things Santa showered on Junior was a small handheld Deal or No Deal game.

There is something wrong with the game though, and I couldn’t get it to turn on yesterday. Mr. Dump was able to somehow get it running, and played a single game, winning $750,000 bucks. (I resisted the urge to give my notice at work this morning.)

I just got the following email from the homefront:

Junior: Dad, my Deal or No Deal won’t turn on.
Dad: I know. I think it’s broken.
Junior: How did you turn it on the last time?
Dad: (hitting it against the counter) I hit it.
::: Music plays – game starts :::
Junior: Thanks… I think.