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We Have a Winner!

I had this ding confirmed, but yes, ding #4 in the windshield happened at about 2pm today. Unbefreakingleavable. Again, on 495, and I wasn’t even trying! (No, really, I’m not happy about this.)

So while I thought I was being funny by having the contest, I had no idea It would end so soon.

So looking at the only three entries of Dec 29, Jan 4 and March 15. Today is Dec 31, so the winner, guessing Dec 29th, is T.O.M. I will choose an appropriately awesome prize for T.O.M. I’m sure she’s looking forward to receiving it!

Oh, and I’m not going to have a pool for crack #5. I’m hoping that will prevent it from happening any time soon.


One thought on “We Have a Winner!

  1. Thank you all, but I would especially like to thank that Big Dump Truck. I will be looking forward to recieving my prize. You know the address. LOL

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