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Old Domains

Since I started buying domains 28 or so years ago, I’ve owned quite a few that I chose to let go, and others that I forgot to renew. It’s not good when that happens. It’s not good when that happens and it’s an active domain. Yes, I lost the good short version url for my podcast. Over a year ago. I’m still bitter.

See, I’ve been waiting for the Asian porn site that bought it to realize how little traffic the site had, and let it go. It was up for renewal in December. Finally! Then…they renewed it. Even though it doesn’t resolve right now (or is such a horror show that my phone just pretends it can’t find it.)

I still own the longer full name of the podcast but I preferred the shorter one and damn it, I want it back! WordPress keeps trying to tell me there’s something wrong with it but I can’t log in to repoint the site because they can’t email me because I don’t have that email address any more. I really hosed myself.

I was looking at some of the other domains one can buy, and as much as I think some are cool, I’m not paying the prices they are asking. And who bought the .quest version of the domain? And what are they questing for?