Adventures in Jodysitting

I went and started a Podcast. And I created a webpage for it. **** I should have mentioned it earlier, but we were working out some kinks and I wasn’t really excited about it until the last couple of episodes. Listening to my podcast is as close as sitting next to me as I yammer your ear off in a car as you will ever get unless you pony up the money for me to fly to your location with my security team and actually ride around in your car with you. I’m willing to do that, if the price is right and you have some really horrible tourist attractions nearby.

That’s not entirely true. In the past, I’ve ridden in plenty of cars and never been paid. I do make my family give me a quarter now, just to keep up the illusion that I’m “somebody” now that I have a podcast.

I publish via the Anchor app ( once a week on a day to be named later, so visit that page to listen (or to communicate directly with me through voice messages) or to get links to all the places where my podcast can be obtained. It’s socially acceptable to subscribe from MULTIPLE sources, and listen from all of them. I don’t mind watching the listen count tick up past 10 or 11 per episode!

For your convenience, this is the most recent episode. If you don’t hate it, rate, review and/or tell a friend.

****I accidentally forgot to renew the domain and the old one was snagged by someone and it redirects to a porn site so that’s fun.


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