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Good Gravy, Where Did Everyone Go?

The hits to my website since the big move have dropped off by about 90%. Maybe 95%. I have no idea why this is, other than the change and all my existing links probably being broken.  Or the fact that you’re all out having fun at the arcade with your rolls of quarters and cool sneakers. Jerks.

I suppose this means  I have to wait until Google re-indexes my entire site, I suppose. I’ll have to go see what I can do to force that, but I don’t think Google cares enough about little old me to make a huge effort on my behalf. I should probably hurry up and add back all the stuff that’s currently missing so that you can all come here to look for it.

So while I wait for everyone to find me, riddle me this, batman – on my iPhone, what do I have to do to make reading my gmail in safari stop automatically launching new windows when there’s a link to YouTube, or whathave you? It’s really disconcerting, if I’m reading email to suddenly have a video start playing when I don’t want it to. Okay, tech weenies, what say you?


4 thoughts on “Good Gravy, Where Did Everyone Go?

  1. Google does care about little old you because I was told to update my feed on my bloglist. All you have to do is wait for everyone to update their feed and they will all be back again.

    I can’t help with the iphone. Rob takes 3 weeks to email me across the room with his. I told him to try talking to me, but it’s not as much fun, it seems.

  2. Did it say “If you are seeing this, you need to update…” etc? Because I did that, by editing the rss feed file. 3 weeks from across the room? I hope that’s some strange European definition of week, like each week is 45 minutes. 🙂

  3. If you look on Anji Patchwork you’ll see my bloglist. Where you appearit said ‘Update your feed’ instead of a post title. So I just replaced you URL and you were back to normal. A week is a week even in France…

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