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Festival of Lights

I am sad to announce that I will not be able to decorate my house to the level that I would like to this holiday season. I would like to cover the house with so many lights that you can see it from space. Sure, the neighbors might not like it, but really, who can stay angry at twinkly lights? Nobody, that’s who!

I don’t own enough lights to accomplish my dream, nor do I have the manpower available to me to do it. I guess it will have to wait until after I become rich and famous. And have a lot more energy to do stuff like this.

I also pulled out the two shrubs that I normally put lights on every year. That seemed like a good idea until I realized I can’t put lights out on these shrubs any more because they aren’t there any more. Huh.

So last year, during the January “everything 75% off” sale at Target I bought a little fiber optic tree. Last week I tracked it down so we could see how tall it was. Not tall enough to use as our only tree, not by a long shot. But of course, now that it’s set up, I think I’ll leave it, just so I have a little something to make me happy. And here it is:


2 thoughts on “Festival of Lights

  1. I can stay angry at twinkling lights. Two years after I bought my house a jerk moved in 2 houses away. His house is so lit up he is regularly in Boston papers and on the news. I cannot get into or out of my damn driveway for the 3 weeks around Christmas. It can take me 10 minutes to get 100 yds on the street and another 10 for a knucklehead to actually let me into my driveway. @#?!% lights…

    p.s. We stayed at Boardwalk and Bay Lake Towers in Oct. The new resort is GORGEOUS!

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