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She’s Super Freaky

I bought myself a good report card present. Long story short is that Junior and I were watching Undercover Brother on Comedy Central last night (yes, I know, but they censor it so it was okay). The soundtrack to that movie kicks ASS! I realized that it should be the soundtrack to me picking up the new wheels this afternoon. Because I had to go to Target to buy a box gross of Goldfish Crackers anyway, I decided to look for the soundtrack because I wouldn’t have time to order it from Amazon and have it for early afternoon.

Target didn’t have the soundtrack (I would have been shocked if it had) but they did have one of those displays of “party” music and themed CDs. So I found one called “Funk Party Playlist” (ya, I know) and it had about 80% of the songs from the soundtrack, all for 8.99. So I now own Funk Party Playlist, which yes, has the original hits by the original stars (been burned by THAT before).

I have to decide which song to play first when they hand me the keys: Brick House or Super Freak. Or perhaps She’s a Bad Mama Jama? Funkytown and Give up the Funk will be in heavy rotation later today as well. After that, of course, I’ll slip in some songs from my iPod that involve cars and driving, including Jonathan Coulton’s “Drive”.



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  1. First song I played when I got my last car was "Highway Star" by Deep Purple. I realize that's quite a bit off from your choices, but what could be better for a CAR?

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