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Wonder Woman Lives Here

And she doesn’t even have a cape! Wait, does Wonder Woman wear a cape? (“No capes, dahling“)

I entered the danger zone this morning. Lowes. Oh man oh man, it’s so unfair that they have so much stuff that I need. Er, want. I went to get some Scott’s Step 2 for the lawn. I missed Step 1 for the 10th year in a row. Of course, that’s the stuff that I really need. If I kill all the crabgrass, though, the only thing left would be the dandelions, and Step 2 is supposed to kill those. I’d be living on a dirt farm.

Yesterday The Boy, my wonderful awesome child, mowed the front lawn for the first time. I love 11! 11 rules! I get someone to mow my lawn for me for the next 7 or so years! Woot! We only put the Step 2 on the front because the dog has the run of the back yard so we don’t treat it with anything. Other than dog waste, that is.

I mowed half of the back yard and The Boy finished it. I also bought a stand for the tabletop grill I got a couple of weeks ago. I’d say I put it together but it was more work to get the packing tape off the box.

Now I’m going to start some tomato seeds in a little “greenhouse” starter kit I bought. I may be starting it all too late, but hey, better late than never. Usually it’s never. I’m going to sit and watch them until the tomatoes are done. I’ll see you in a couple of months.