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My New Favorite Paper

Picked up an eco-friendly notebook at Staples the other day because the paper was thin. I’m obsessed with thin paper. I like the way it sounds after you’ve written on it. [Yes, I’m odd. But you already knew that.] The cool thing about this notebook is that it was made in Egypt from bagasse, which is the fancy name for “paper made from sugar cane”. Basically they take the pulp of the cane that is left after the extract the sugar and they make paper out of it.

I love this paper. I sometimes write with a fountain pen and it does NOT feather or bleed through, which is amazing, given how thin the paper is. I want to ONLY buy this kind of paper from now on. My only complaint is that Staples only had two sizes of notebooks available and I was looking for one slightly smaller than 6 x 9.5. But I will suffer because it’s great stuff. In the meantime, I’m going to look for alternative sources of bagasse paper. Because it’s the little things that make me happy.