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Enough With the Damned Changes!

People are afraid to buy things these days because so often they become obsolete within days or weeks. Usually the problem is that you buy something that in two months will cost less for all kinds of extra bells and whistles. It’s pretty heartbreaking when that happens, I can honestly say.

I’m in kind of an interesting reverse spot right now. I have had, on my list of things to obtain at some point in the future, an iPod shuffle. I know I have an iPhone, which is most awesome, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s just really heavy and not optimal for going walking (or jogging, or working out, or whatever it is that you do). I figured that I would get one for the spring or summer, when it was nice enough to start walking at work again.

I kind of had this thought out of my head, as there are other things I really should invest $50 in, you know? But Apple announced the new Shuffle, and after reading about it, I can say that I do not want this new version. I do NOT want a unit with the controls on the headphone cord. I want to be able to use 3rd party headphones more suited for walking. Lord knows the regular headphones fall out if I am just sitting still. Walking is right out.

So now I have to try to figure out how long I’ll have to buy one of the “old” (read: current) Shuffles before you can’t find them any more. Thanks Apple!