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Welcome, Number 44

You know, if they could have just moved the inauguration to yesterday, or MLK day to today, I would have been able to join in the celebration of the transition from President #43 to President #44. However, I have to work, and at work, I had a noon meeting scheduled. I could have blown off that meeting, but I think #44 would not want me to prefer leisure over work (his words).

So back to the grind, jealous of anyone who didn’t have a noon meeting. You are all stinky poo-poo heads.


2 thoughts on “Welcome, Number 44

  1. Here’s hoping he turns out to be a magnificent president. I still have my doubts, but I pray for the absolute best.

  2. I have my doubts about most people, but I have a good feeling this time. I just think if he can get us back on track even a little bit it will be such a HUGE improvement that maybe we can relax a little.

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