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I Didn’t Vote For Snow!

This is not good. I have things to do! I have to drive to the vet because we accidentally left our game guide to Little Big Planet there the other day and at midnight last night I got very frustrated because I couldn’t make a piston work by proximity trigger and the book would have helped!

I also want to go to the book store because I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The good kind of errands. We’re supposed to go to my sister’s this evening, so do I take the pot roast and throw it in the crock pot this morning in case we can’t make it? Of course, I have no idea how much we’re expecting, either.

I am in the mood for a brownie and it’s only ten a.m. Do you think a piece of toast will fill that hole?


One thought on “I Didn’t Vote For Snow!

  1. Yes, this sucks. Starting off the new year with shoveling? Not my idea of fun.

    As for the brownie craving, I often get those. Then I remember that they’re underage, and that I could spend 20 or 30 years in jail, and …

    Oh, you’re talking about the cake thing. Nevermind.

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