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I R Stupid

I basically spent the long weekend taking photos and getting a brake job on the van. I preferred taking photos. Went with one kid and husband on Saturday, and other kid and his friend on Sunday and Monday. I will slowly fill my flickr profile with the best ones. Or the ones I feel like forcing on all of you.

I spent a long time today working on getting just the perfect photo of a swan floating on a little man-made pond. You know, he was a great model.

And then I got home, uploaded the files, looked at the swan photos…and realized it was plastic. People who knew much have thought I was a huge moron. Or maybe they did it on purpose to amuse themselves. Actually, I suspect they did it to try to keep geese away, and it appears to have worked. Still, would it have killed them to put up a sign that said “I don’t care how much you really want a photo of our swans, they aren’t real.”

It's plastic