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Tinky Winky All Full UP

You know, it occurs to me that I have not had to watch an episode of Teletubbies in a good 8 years. I could not tell you if it is even possible to watch an episode if you wanted to. As Martha would say, that’s a good thing.

But to this day, it is etched into my brain with the shaky hand of a youth with one of those wood burning kits. Ya, I know, ouch.

I still say “Tinky Winky all full up.” It may or may not drive the people forced to live with me crazy. I cannot help this, it’s just the way it is. So when it was time to write a post about how I have successfully filled up the hard drive on my laptop, I wrote the title up at the top without a second thought. But that’s not true, because I did have a second thought, a little bit later. I left the title the way it was anyway. I’m like that.

So my hard drive is full. Let me just spit that out before my mind wanders any further and you’re left wondering what the hell made you read this far. I am trying to burn data to disks before either moving it to the backup drive (I’m anal. I trust nothing, especially an external backup drive). I have successfully given myself 3 whole gigs of free space, which will at least allow me to run the computer without worrying that it will begin to throw fits. I want to be the only thing at my desk throwing fits, doncha know.


5 thoughts on “Tinky Winky All Full UP

  1. So sorry “Tinky Winky All Full Up!”


    I bought a click free Auto Backup that is so cool – just plug it in thru USB and it backs everything up..

    good luck!

  2. As an ardent Mister Rogers fan, far be it from me to impugn anyone else’s taste in children’s programming. But, TELETUBBIES???


  3. Hey, if you have a kid in the age range of mine, you LIVED Teletubbies for a while. I have to say, there was something very soothing about the videos they used to show. One of my favorites was when they made crayons (the video was about color).

    Again Again!

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