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Okay, I Emailed Them

I found an email address at the Huffington Post where you can request permission to reprint or use some of their material. I found that really funny, so that’s the email address I wrote to, because I figure THAT recipient would understand the importance of asking permission.

All I said is that I wanted someone to point out to Mr. Alcindor that just because something is located using a search engine doesn’t mean you are free to take it and use it as you want. And yes, I understand that these days you’re taking your chances whenever you post anything to the web, because people steal and steal and steal. One chick had her [not nude] self-portrait taken from Flickr and used in dirty magazine which was VERY VERY BAD because a)she didn’t want to be in a dirty magazine and b)she was under 18. It’s hard for people like me, who have seen all their ad revenue and amazon referrals run completely dry, so that we don’t make ANY money doing this, lose their unique ideas and creative work used elsewhere without permission. I typically grant it whenever asked. But you hafta ask, people.


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