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I’m Sorry, But I’m Cranky

Lots of reasons why, but the least of which is that Target did not have my deodorant in stock when I went in there last week. That is NOT COOL. I will be swinging by CVS to see if they still carry it, and if they don’t, all hell is going to break loose. I CANNOT wear baby powder-scented deodorant. It does not and will not work for me.

Also, my right foot hurts. A lot. I don’t know what I did, it feels like a combination of a muscle problem and a bone spur or something, but it’s impacting my ability to walk like a normal person. Unless normal people have an inability to walk normally because one of their feet has raging heel pain. That could be, I really don’t know.

Lastly, I’m mad that last year at this time, we were just starting our Cape Cod vacation. Seven glorious ocean-view days. It’s breaking my heart to not be standing in that living room, looking out at the sea right now. And I haven’t even been to the beach since it officially became summer, just that one trip in the spring. I sat in one of those little chairs you use at the edge of the ocean, you know, to dip your toes in the water, but I had no reason to buy one, even if it was comfortable. Sad. Very sad.

So yes, I’m cranky today. It’s Monday, and it feels like it’s been Monday for a couple of days in a row.


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  1. Hey Jody. Sorry to hear they were out of your deodorant at Target… that really stinks. (hee hee hee)

    Things will look up again my friend, try not to be too blue. Hope your foot feels better!

  2. I’m an Old Spice guy, myself. If they ever stop making it, the world will smell my pits from miles away, because I will refuse to wear anything else.

  3. Thanks Chuck. Stinks. ha! I get it.

    Suldog…Um, well on behalf of the rest of the world, we too hope they do not discontinue your Old Spice. 🙂

  4. I’ve given up finding time for a ride to the beach, I got a family pass at JCC in Lancaster. Has a nice beach and spring fed Spec Pond. Can swim some laps too, got a nice tan plus after work I can get an hour or two in before it gets dark and get eaten by mosquitoes. Jerry

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