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Fans of the Dump on Facebook

Hey, if you’re over on Facebook, feel free to join the Fans of the Big DumpTruck group (do a search people – I want you to put some effort into this, okay? That will prove your fan-dom.)

I cannot pretend that we’ll end up with as many members as, say, the Fans of High School Musical or Obama, but we can certainly break into double digits, right?

Okay, you slackers, here is a link to the group.


0 thoughts on “Fans of the Dump on Facebook

  1. Tried to search all manner of “DumpTruck.” Got to see some pretty scary stuff, but no “Friends of Big DumpTruck”.

  2. Seriously? The group wasn’t listed? I can’t access facebook from work so I can’t actually list the link to it here…

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