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I Want A Mom Badge

I suppose someone has already come up with the idea of mom badges. They would work like girl scout badges – if you do something worthy, you get a badge to wear on your mom-sash. Or perhaps your mom-vest if you’ve earned a lot of them.

I get to wear the “Dying in the Heat Watching Little League Games badge.”

Junior played on Sunday (he had to be at the field at 1:30pm for a batting practice before the game) and on Monday night. Even though it started later, so you’d maybe assume it would be cooler, Monday was definitely the worst of the two games, because at least on Sunday there was a breeze. Man, what a difference a breeze makes! I was seriously starting to feel a bit panicky last night about how overheated I was getting. I was pulling the ice packs out of the little cooler I had and was applying it to my neck and wrists, just to keep things cool.

So I grant myself a mom badge today (it’s lovely, it’s got bleachers with those wavy heat lines coming off of them with a background picture of a baseball.) Anyone else earn one the past few days?


3 thoughts on “I Want A Mom Badge

  1. This IS a great idea for a possible money-making opportunity. Start a website that sells the sashes, vests, badges, etc., and I bet you’d do a great business every year around Mother’s Day. If you do, I want 1% of the gross for suggesting it 🙂

  2. I’ve earnt a big badge it’s ‘The Mothers of 17 year old Boys’ badge. I’ll swop – give away – my badge if there’s anyone who’ll take him with it.

  3. On December 12, I will get the 20 year badge. Ok, I’ve only been there for 10, but teenage years are like dog-years, right?

    My husband get’s the baseball badge for this weekend and I get the “removing the sunfish from hook” badge. Those suckers really like worms.


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