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DumpCast Home in Flux

I didn’t have the $$ to renew my .Mac account (it expired yesterday) so the DumpCast link that used to be in the upper right hand corner has been removed. I don’t know when or where it will re-surface, but I may just host it right here on BDT going forward. I’ll make sure I let all the faithful fans know when it’s available again.

I took yesterday and today off from work because Junior is on April vacation. Yesterday I combed the back yard for dog poop, and I was thinking to myself…hunting for crap is still better than going to work. I also did a little raking (after we picked up a new metal rake…way too much thatch to use a plastic rake) and we did get the little tabletop grill I was yearning for. Cooked up some shrimp and steak to break it in and welcome it to the family. I think there may be a problem with it (flame is too low) but by the time we figured that out, we’d already started cooking on it. So now I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll contact the manufacturer, because I don’t think Lowes wants me to take back a used grill. Or maybe they do, because the thing we noticed might be a safety issue. Will keep you informed


4 thoughts on “DumpCast Home in Flux

  1. Take it back to Lowe’s. I’ve seen people take bugspray back (used of course) because they didn’t like the smell. And I’ve also been in line behind people returning FOOD items at certain stores – saying the food item wasn’t what they expected. What the he!!??

    “Gee, we ate 3/4 of this bag of chips but then decided we didn’t like them and we want our money back”


  2. Your last three posts are wonderful. Just nice little slices of life; the type that most folks want to have. Very good. I am enjoying your leisure vicariously.

  3. Well, maybe you should avoid today’s entry than. Wait, no, it’s still a slice of life…

  4. I had that happen on the grille when I either opened the valve on the tank too far or opened the knobs on the front and then opened the tank. What ever it was it has not come back since I only open the tank valve a few turns, then turn on knob for gas to start, light and watch out. Jerry

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