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American Idol is Draining My Lifeforce

I’m tired of American Idol. Can we just give the prize to David Archuleta and be done with the horrible pain of listening to most of the other competitors? Please? I’m begging you.

I like a couple of the guys (David A. and Jason) so I watch on Tuesdays but the girls get NONE OF MY ATTENTION because I don’t like them. None of ’em.

Okay, so I know what you’re saying – if I dislike it so much why not turn off the tv? You know what? If I even made a move to do that there are a couple of guys in the house who would bite my hand off at the knuckle. We have some big Idol fans here at the house.

I taped myself rambling on my Flip today so maybe I’ll have time tomorrow to pull together another crappy podcast for the tens of you who read this blog. Wooo!


One thought on “American Idol is Draining My Lifeforce

  1. Some of us are forced to watch it since the women watch it on the only tv in the only living room of the house. I could take up drinking on those nights…then when I got home my mind would be in the right frame to sit through some of “idol”..

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