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The Story of the Little Hamster that The Mom of the House Threatened to Kill

Izzy is cute, that’s for sure. She should get down on her knees and thank the good Lord above that she is, and that I love my son, her owner, because she would have been released into the snowy wild this morning if I had my way.

You see, in the middle of the night I had to go and move her cage because she had decided to move all of her bedding and a lot of her food into the “wheel” section of her cage. And when she decided to run in it in the middle of the night, all the bedding fell back out into the tube and left only the seeds, which rattled around as she ran. And ran. And ran. It was like someone shaking a pair of maracas.

So at one in the morning, I stumbled downstairs with the cage, shoved stuff out of the way and put the cage on the counter. I then stumbled back upstairs to try to fall back to sleep.

This morning Mr. Dump broke the news to me that I hadn’t pushed things quite far enough out of the way, and Izzy spent a large portion of the night chewing through the strap of a [discontinued] Vera Bradley purse that she had pulled in through the wire of the cage.

I am so very very very angry with her. There had better be a letter of apology on the door of her cage when I get home tonight.


12 thoughts on “The Story of the Little Hamster that The Mom of the House Threatened to Kill

  1. Well, yeah, Jody, I could go out and find some hamster tips, but I guarantee they won’t be as good as steak tips.

  2. Suldog – Hamster tips…the other pink meat.

    Anonymous – Great idea on eBay for discontinued patterns. Do you have certain vendors of bags that you trust to not rip you off?

    Karen – you may have the right idea with the aquarium. I’m thinking that this fancy pants Hamster house is too much for us to care for. When I had trouble scooping out poo because of the spiral ramp, I realized what a stupid design it is. On the other hand, I spent enough money that I don’t think I can just dump it yet. I was also looking at the bag and was trying to figure out if even I could temporarily fix it. I probably could.

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