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DumpCast Alert

I’m not sure if you guys still need me to post when there’s an updated DumpCast. I suppose I could set it up over on BlogRolling and ping it when it’s updated. Or maybe theres an RSS feed built in to the website (I use iWeb to do that one, I have no idea what’s built in. Is that lazy of me?)

Let’s see…in other news…I was really disappointed with my lunch today. I’m sorry, it had to be said. My dinner, however, was excellent. Thanks for cooking, Mr. Dump!


4 thoughts on “DumpCast Alert

  1. You don’t have to travel far to get to places with far away names. Just over the border into NY, there is Mexico, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Alabama, Warsaw, Russia, Norway, Philadelphia, and Palermo. I see a road trip through NY coming and buy a bumper sticker in each town.

  2. Texas, NY sounds like the worst of both worlds, if you ask me. :-0

    Suldog, hamster meat wouldn’t be filling at ALL. Guinea pig, sure, but hamster? Nah.

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