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Code in my Node

I need to get a better understanding of anatomy because I still don’t understand how one side of your nose can be completely stuffy and icky for days at a time while the other side is free and clear. Does that make any sense? Aren’t your nostrils just two tubes going into the same place? Like the in and out doors to the kitchen at Denny’s, so to speak.

While sitting around and being lazy this morning I updated my Amazon “Be Like Jody” store. There you can find some of things you should buy if you want to be like me. I have a ton of things that I should add to it, but it’s a good start. There were two items on the old version that I said I wanted, that I needed up update because eventually got upgraded versions of both of them.

So go ahead and be like me
. And remember, if you use my link to get to Amazon, for whatever you are buying, I can make a few pennies and I will love you forever. And you want me to love you forever, don’t you?