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11k to Go

Because nobody is checking in over on my Nano blog, I figured I’d do a Nano update here. We’re in the final stretch. My novel is horrific. The Nano slogan “No Plot, No Problem” has never been put to better use than my novel, which, while it hints slightly at a plot in the first 8000 words or so, never actually comes around and has one. It is so far from being a finished novel that it makes last year’s look like a Pulitzer Prize Winner. I’m stunned at the difference, actually. I think last year I thought my plot idea was pretty cool and it was very workable (it was about a compulsive shopper) and this one (about a guy who finds out his parents were circus freaks but then doesn’t do anything about it, based on what I’ve written so far) stinks.

There are only 11k words left, and I really want to just finish the danged thing so I can do other stuff.


3 thoughts on “11k to Go

  1. Sounds like you need some encouragement.. GO… JODY ….GO.. just a few K words to the finish line.. This sound familiar to me. I went to Andover after hitting my 90lbs off and with 7999 other people went into the Feasty Five road race. I never have run before since high school (35 years ago). Now the people I went with said we were doing the 5K (3 miles), but when I got there they all decided to do the 5 miles !! AHH.. Well I finished ranking 228 out of 238 in my old fart age group for 5 miles. I never ran more than 2.5 miles before and I did the whole darn 5 miles with just a few spots where the hills got me to walking speed. So at the last large hill to the finish line they were yelling at me to “GO.. GO.. don’t walk across the finish line”. So just some encouragement Jody !! Your almost there… Jerry

  2. If you stopped whining and added this post to the novel, you’d be all that closer to 50,000 — get creative, you can work it in!

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