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tomato belly button

tomato belly button, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

This afternoon I went to Gove Farm to see if they still had tomatoes. They are definitely out of corn for the year, but they still have squash, tomatoes, beans, etc. I was VERY VERY excited. They’ll be open through the end of the month, and then the stand will be closed but they’ll have a self-serve table (honor system, I assume) for as long as there are still veggies to pick.

I’m recovering from a bout of something or other that I ate yesterday, so I’m staying away from eating these today, but you can bet your butt I’ll be having one of these beauties for lunch tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “tomato belly button

  1. I believe you… no butt-betting necessary, which is a good thing, because my butt really isn’t up for grabs.

    Wow that sounded wrong.

    Enjoy the tomatoes!!

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