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Jody’s Exciting Life Part 2

So I was asked to leave a NorthEast Airlines flight yesterday because my outfit was too revealing. I know that normally I do wear pants, but it was pretty hot yesterday, and plus, I got tar all over them after I finished my shift on the road crew repaving Harvard Street.

I didn’t think anyone would mind because I had pulled my shirt down, but the flight attendant, the pilot, two passengers and the guy who wears headphones and holds those red sticks to tell the plan when to stop all asked me to leave the plane and put on something more decent. They did offer to give me a stapler and a pile of luggage tags to see if I could fashion something myself without having to leave the gate area, but I ran out of staples and the little strings on the tags were tickling me.

So I missed my flight, which was going to the Arctic Circle. I’m really bummed, because I was going to try to take some photos. I haven’t really added much to my flickr album lately.


5 thoughts on “Jody’s Exciting Life Part 2

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to hear what you’re wearing next month when you fly to Disney. Wish my life were nearly as exciting….

  2. Jerry, you couldn’t afford those photos, baby. Ya, Anji, maybe flying pant-free would be better if I was going to the Bahamas. Beth, I will probaly be wearing a grass skirt. (when do you leave? Soon?)

  3. We leave in 17 days. In fact, my boys are working on a countdown poster as I type. Lookout Mickey, here we come!

    Did I tell you I got tix for DH and I to go to one of the Sweet Sundays? One of the cake ones, yum!!

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