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Is This Candid Camera?

(You young people might not catch this reference. So I think maybe I could call this post “Am I Being Punked?”)

Yesterday was one of those days. Mr. Dump had an appointment for a small surgical procedure, and I had an appointment with my doctor. I also had Junior (I have him again today…last two days before school starts so no more camp). I used up a tank of gas just driving around from appointment to appointment yesterday. Junior got an invite to his friend’s house, but she lives in Gardner, so that was 20+ minutes each way. What was great, though, is that it meant someone was watching him while I was in my appointment.

After Mr. Dump was out of recovery and I settled him back in at home, I went back to Gardner to get Junior. We decided to stop at the Hannaford at Twin City Mall on the way home to get something for dinner. While standing with my cart trying to think of the other things I wanted to buy (iced tea and potato rolls) a guy was standing about 6 feet to my right. I catch some activity out of the corner of my eye and see…a copy handcuffing him. Nothing was being said, it was all very quiet. I quickly made sure Junior was still standing behind me (and wasn’t planning to scoot around the cart over to where this was happening. I could feel my blood pressure go up 20 points. I made eye contact with a couple of people standing in the 12 items or less line (which is what we were standing near) and we all had this “Are you kidding me?” look on our faces.

I can honestly say I have never stood that close to someone being arrested. I mean, to the point that I felt like I was assisting the cop…that’s how close they were to me. Junior kind of took the whole thing in stride, like this stuff happens all the time. Maybe I should ask more questions about what goes on a summer camp!


5 thoughts on “Is This Candid Camera?

  1. It’s a strange feeling for sure. Couple of months ago a teenage girl was cuffed outside of Clairs’s at Whitney Field. I was just walking by with my wife and daughter when I see people standing around (thought the cop was security). Then he drags the cuffs out and snaps them on while we were 5-6 feet away.
    My brother is a cop and only once he was trying to arrest someone on crack and they are super strong when high. Someone from the crowd stepped out and helped him bend the guys arm more to get the cuffs on. When he got the perp in the car which took only 30 seconds, my brother looked around for the guy who helped to thank him. He was nowhere to be found. Brother still thinks someone upstairs was watching over him.

  2. You have lived a sheltered life. There’s nothing like several big deputy sheriffs tackling a guy, pushing his face into the marble floor and cuffing him, then picking him up and telling him to apologize for making a commotion.

  3. Bill, I have. And I like it that way. I think it would totally suck to be an “innocent bystander accidentally killed during melee” for instance.

    Mike, You know, I’ve been considering trying to become famous. I may have to check your site out.

  4. Perhaps you don’t watch enough TV? If you did you’d take poison in the water system, cars blowing up and all those things in your stride. I remember the first time I saw a policeman with a gun when I moved to France – really scary. (Some of them don’t look too clever either)

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