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Used Bidet? No Thanks

Saw a “news” article this morning that something is planning to sell Jerry Garcia’s stereo speakers and bidet.

His bidet.

The thing he used to clean his arse with.

Okay, no offense, but why on earth would someone want to own such a thing? I know that there are people out there who are gigantic fans, still, of his, but really, do you need his bidet? What about his toilet, he probably used that a lot more than the bidet. Or was there a urinal cake somewhere that he peed on?

It looks like the proceeds from this sale will be going to charity, so I’ll cut them a little slack, but please, people, if any of you want to buy my used appliances, contact me offline so we don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of holding a public auction.


2 thoughts on “Used Bidet? No Thanks

  1. Some people are obsessive compulsive and will buy anything related to a particular public figure. I went to a few “Dead” concerts at different locations and I swear half the people in the audience were there each time. Guess mom + pop fit the bill for them to travel the US and be a bum.. speaking on bummed, back to work today after a week off… (you tell I am real interested)… Jerry

  2. Hey Jerry, if you saw them at half the shows, they saw YOU at them too and were probably thinking the same thing!

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