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This Is Not Me

Okay, I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you. What you see below you is what happened when Mr. Dump showed the 16 year old, AKA JPDLF his new Wacom Tablet. JPDLF asked if he could try it out. He was left alone for a very short while. Did I mention the first thing I ever drew with a Wacom looked suspiciously like the kind of cloud a two year old draws the first time they pick up a crayon? I thought not.

This is the kid who does the infamous Etch a Sketch art. (Ohh, I was going to link but it looks like the link is broken in the archives. Remind me to fix that tonight).


4 thoughts on “This Is Not Me

  1. He did not draw that ?? If so, guess your college worries are over;-) tHAT IS SO SUPER COOL. Pardon my lack of eloquence, but if this was words and not lines, I would have to brek out my Webster to follow. Way to go ,Junior.

  2. Just to clarify, not Junior, Junior’s big brother. If Junior had done that I’d be enrolling him at RISD next week.

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